The Anxiety & Overwhelm Summit pass gets you all access to not only the presentations by all of the presenters, but it also gives you access to downloads and information from each of the presenters.

Each presenter on the Summit has experienced anxiety and overwhelm themselves, so their presentations come from a place of understanding.

They provide you with five-minute exercises or ideas of things to do, to begin the journey of lowering your stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Join us for this inaugural summit to experience the journey from very anxious to less anxious. We are not talking to you about a quick fix formula, this will be a journey, and we are all here to support you in that.

Interact with most of the summit presenters by joining the Private Facebook Group.  Membership is only open to Summit Pass Holders.

This gives you a place to tell us about your bad days, ask questions about the things we’ve presented, and basically gain support so you don’t feel so alone in your anxiety journey.

By becoming part of the Anxiety & Overwhelm Summit Community you will automatically receive 25% off the next summit, which is planned for Spring 2020.

Register for the Summit all-access pass for $17.