Meet the Presenters Supporting You for the Fall 2019 Summit

Here are the presenters who will be supporting you for this inaugural Anxiety and Overwhelm Virtual Summit:

Karen Cherrett Anxiety CoachKaren Cherrett (USA – Colorado) Your Host – Karen supports you to be comfortable with your emotions. To understand what creates the feeling of anxiety and overwhelm in your day to day life. She is the author of ‘Too Scared To Feel‘ a book about her journey of getting in touch with her emotions using the self-inquiry method, The Work. And Karen’s upcoming book is titled ‘No More Living With Anxiety.’


Penny Hodgson photoPenny Hodgson (Canada) – Penny is a certified holistic therapeutic counsellor and nutritionist, author and intuitive metaphysician who calls herself an intellectual and emotional archaeologist! She left a long and successful business management career to fulfil her purpose of teaching others how to resolve and remove the intellectual and emotional blocks that hold them back from living life fully. Penny developed Mind Files, an easy to understand mind, body and spiritually themed program that explains how the mind’s process of collecting, assess, categorizing, storing and referencing information through each and every experience creates intellectual and emotional blocks in our lives.  Her Mind Files program teaches you how to remove and resolve these blocks.

Penny is the author of the book ‘Mindfiles: Perception, Perspective and Problems‘ which takes a look at the mind’s process for using the past as a reference for the present.


Moira HutchisonMoira Hutchison (Canada) – Moira is a Mindset Cultivator. She uses Visualization, Affirmations, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Meditation as well as the Law of Attraction to support those she works with.  Moira has a five step process to support caregivers and first responders, as well as executives, to find a calmer way to live in life.  Moira is the author of five books including ‘Letting Go So You Can Thrive: The Five Step Process That Gets You Unstuck.


Elizabeth KippElizabeth Kipp (USA – California) – Elizabeth is a health facilitator, empowerment coach, EFT/ Tapping, Ancestral Clearing practitioner, and kundalini yoga teacher helping people to step into the power of their own healing. She has turned her attention as a patient advocate in service to the alarmingly high population of people who suffer from or are in recovery from chronic pain. Elizabeth’s book “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools for Reclaiming Your Healing Power” is due out this October.


Jennifer WhitacreJennifer Whitacre  (USA – Ohio) – Jennifer is an Empowerment Strategist, a trauma specialist, and an expert Myofascial Release therapist who is skilled at helping her clients move beyond the self-sabotaging habits and knee-jerk reactions that keep them stuck and feeling lost.  Jennifer uses a variety of powerful techniques in her program, including Somatic Experiencing, Compassionate Inquiry, Body Language, HeartMath Mentoring, and more.  Because Jennifer understands the power of inspiration, she hosts the Yes, And… Podcast where her listeners hear weekly conversations with guests who have surmounted overwhelm and navigated obstacles to living fulfilling lives they love living.  Jennifer has the education and, more importantly, the life experience to help you move through your stuck places and your fears to achieve success and fulfilment in your life.


Alyson FranzAlyson Franz (USA – Rhode Island) – Alyson helps people who feel held back by grief and trauma completely break-free so they can flourish and thrive in their life. She put the concept of Life Transformation on the map in her home state of Rhode Island when she opened Paradigm Shift, LLC, in 2016. Alyson designs workshops, personal growth programs, and individualized life transformation programs to help you achieve major personal and life changes in 3-6 months. She is passionate about helping people let go of barriers, step into their power and live at their true potential. Alyson is also the best-selling author of “The Grief Cure” and has been featured on several podcasts.


Marguerite Jane JonesJane Jones (USA – California) – Marguerite Jane Jones is an author, business consultant, speaker, and creator of creative processes designed to inspire and encourage others to transform their lives by picking up their pens and discovering the writer within. These programs include The Pebbling Process, a creative writing process to explore your inner storyteller. She is a co-author of Nurturing Your Writing Calm, a process to develop a writing practice that assists in achieving their writing goals. Marguerite Jane is the creator of We Women Writers, a program to encourage women to write, through inspirational writing stories of women of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic situations.


Olivia TiffinOlivia Tiffin (USA ) – Olivia is eternally curious about how we achieve experiencing fulfilment and happiness in our lives every day. As a result of her passion, she has studied, observed and learned a broad range of skills that produce a high quality of life. She created her 60 Day Vibrational Reset program that gives the foundational elements to learn the Law Of Attraction in a fun and easy to understand manner. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the years to help people effectively master the Law Of Attraction in their own life.  Olivia is the author of The Happiness Textbook


Ishani NobleIshani Noble (New Zealand) Ishani is founder and CEO at Self Esteem Consulting – an organisation dedicated to providing the tools and skills you need to develop positive self-esteem and create an extraordinary life. Ishani offers self-esteem enhancement via private coaching and workshops to the public and for corporate clients.  “The tools and skills I offer will produce a significant shift in your perspective within a few hours. Years of unproductive thinking will fall away as you reflected on your self talk then honestly and bravely embrace the truth of who you really were.” Ishani is a Certified Facilitator of The Work.


Jennifer Hartzog Photo

Casie Petersen (USA – Colorado) Casie is a certified health coach with Dr Sears Wellness Institute. She has 26 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. The paradigm shift in her health happened when she was mentored by a microbiologist in 1993, as she was educated on the importance of Gut health. She is a Founding Wellness partner with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company ®.  She loves educating people about the new science of the Gut-Brain-Axis and the effects on mental health. Casie is also a speaker and published author in Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Jennifer Hartzog PhotographJennifer Hartzog (USA – Wisconsin) After living with daily chronic pain for many years, Jennifer began to recognize the mind-body connection behind her pain. She discovered that anxiety, stress, and overwhelm as well as other mental patterns and limiting beliefs affected her pain level. After learning how to work with it and heal herself, Jennifer dedicated her life to helping others to solve their chronic pain. Now with over 23 years of experience, having worked with over 1300 clients, she is able to quickly help people to uncover the underlying root causes of their pain and finally solve it for good.


Coralee Nelson PhotoCoralee Nelson (Canada) Coralee Nelson, M. Ed, is an author, speaker and licensed helping professional who has worked with individuals struggling with anxiety and suffering the effects of trauma for a number of years. She has worked in public service in Canada at the front line, in clinical and managerial roles for the last 15 years. In October 2018, along with Jane Jones, Coralee co-authored Nurturing Your Writing Calma creative writing guide that seeks first to work with the nervous system before engaging in writing practice.


Kristi Borst  (USA – Maine)  Kristi is a natural-born integrative healer and founder of a quantum energy healing modality, Perspective Reboot®. Her private and group session work offers multi-dimensional healing and empowerment affecting past, present, and future. Kristi’s spiritual connectivity and intuitive insights help others identify and re-write their self-limiting beLIEfs and stories. Her passion is helping others reconnect with their True Self by healing/integrating the inner child who may be obscuring life’s positive aspects and even self-sabotaging joy and wellness. “When part of us is hiding, that can cause mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical pain. I found my way ‘back to Self’ and now help others advance in their levels of joy, wellness and self-mastery. There is joy and freedom in living with authenticity. Release what no longer serves you!”