Living with anxiety and overwhelm makes every day a difficult day. You never know when or if you may have a panic attack. You are on edge all of the time.

Normal situations, like being out amongst a group of people, are fine for most people and aren’t fine for you.  It’s as if you live a ‘not-normal’ life.

You never have enough time, there are always things to worry about and your sleep is always broken. What’s having a normal nights sleep like, you wouldn’t know.

I have been that person. My life was full of worry, up and down emotions, depressed one minute, extremely anxious the next. I have suffered from most of the diagnosed forms of anxiety.

Through learning a mindfulness technique and spending time using that each and every day I changed my life and now don’t suffer from anxiety at all any more.  It is possible to have a different life.

That’s why I decided to bring together a group of practitioners to support you to find a way to decrease your anxiety.  I’ve changed my life. So can you.

These practitioners will provide you with ideas, information, tools and support to decrease your anxiety and overwhelm. Each person brings a unique and different perspective on anxiety, its cause and the tools they use to manage it.

We’ve all had that experience where we automatically go into that spiral of feeling so anxious we are unable to act.  Our mind goes into overdrive. We can’t think straight.  The emotions we feel are overwhelming and too much for us to cope with.

When this happens, we often don’t know what to do or how to support ourselves to find a different space to be in.

Well, these practitioners are the people.  They are here to support you to begin a new and different journey if you’ll explore what they have to offer during this Summit.


Why Attend This Virtual Summit?

This Virtual Summit will take you on a journey of understanding the causes of anxiety and overwhelm and many different approaches to turn that around.

Each practitioner brings to you a unique set of skills and experience. They will share with you information and insights. All this to help you to find more peace and calm in your day to day world. You will also have access to free tools and books, from them, to support you after the Summit.

They’ll provide you with guidance and information on how to understand the triggers for your anxiety. Explaining what is going on in your mind and body while you feel anxious. Give you ways to support yourself to have less anxiety, stress and overwhelm daily.

These speakers will also provide you with tools to support yourself on a daily basis.

They will also be available during and after the Summit in the Private Facebook Group to be there to hear about your bad days, support you in answering questions you have about the tools they introduce to you, and just be there for support.

This is a journey after all.  We’ve all been through it. We know how hard it can be to change life long patterns. And yet, if you’re willing to start, with help, it’s worth the journey.

The Anxiety and Overwhelm Virtual Summit Pass is $97 until the start of the Summit.

This Anxiety and Overwhelm Virtual Summit will run from Monday, September 16th to Friday, September 20th 2019.

Attend the Summit during these 5 days to watch the sessions as they become available.  To gain access to all of the Summit sessions PLUS the bonus material provided by each of our presenters purchase your Summit Pass.

Signup for Summit Access and receive full time all access to each of the sessions for the Summit PLUS the bonus materials provided by each of the presenters.

It costs a one time fee of $97.

If you register before September 16th.

Once the Virtual Summit begins the price increases to $147.


You will receive full access to all five days of presentations, with the 13 presenters, plus all of the bonus materials they are supplying. This includes free e-Books and exercises, and lists of resources they have found useful, as well as discounts for their programs (where applicable).

The Anxiety & Overwhelm Virtual Summit Program

The full program for this Anxiety and Overwhelm Summit is below.

MONDAY [September 16th 2019]

Summit Welcome & Introduction

What’s Really Underlying Your Anxiety and Overwhelm. In this session, I explore what is described as ‘anxiety’ and look at it from a slightly different perspective.

Anxiety 101 – How to Create an Anxiety Disorder in 30 days. This tongue in cheek session by Coralee explores exactly what you do that creates your anxiety. Might help you realize some of the patterns you have that are adding to your anxiety.

The Cycle of Suffering and the Power of Story. Elizabeth talks to you about how the stories you create about life and daily occurrences add to your ‘cycle of suffering.’  More noticing the sorts of things that impact our anxiety levels.

How Many Mind Files Are You Carrying Around? In the final session for Monday, Penny talks to us about how we create our ‘mind files.’ And how something that was initially okay can have a negative filter that then creates us lots of anxiety, overwhelm and stress.

TUESDAY [September 17th, 2019]

The 5 A’s To Get You Started On Lowering Your Anxiety.  Moira is going to walk you through the 5 A’s. Five simple things you can begin to do to lower your anxiety levels.

What Body Language Tells Us About Our Emotions.  To kick off day two Jennifer is going to explain what body language can tell us about our emotions and how we often ignore those signs, especially when our anxiety is beginning to build.

Understand Trauma’s Impact on Your Life.  In this session, Alyson tells us about small t ‘trauma.’  Those small things that created trauma in us as a child, that we carry and live with each and every day, and how that feeds into anxiety.

Why Your Self Esteem Levels Impact Your Anxiety and Overwhelm. Your self-esteem levels and more importantly that self-talk that goes on all day is having a big impact on your anxiety levels.  Ishani explains the impacts and why it is important to begin to question some of your self-talk.


WEDNESDAY [September 18th, 2019]

Writing as a Way to Ease Anxiety and Overwhelm Have you considered the power of spending just five minutes a day writing down anything that comes to you? Jane is going to share with you the power of this.

Healing Your Anxiety From Grief Is Easier Than You Think Would you ever have put grief and anxiety in the same sentence? Alyson explains how grief can cause so many things in our life, and anxiety is one of them.

Compassionate Listening Can Make a Difference.  How often do you simply listen, compassionately, to what someone else has to say?  And, even more importantly how compassionately do you listen to yourself?  I’m guessing not many times for either. It’s not possible with anxiety. Yet Jennifer will explain why it’s important that you do.

The Difference Slowing Things Down Makes In today’s world we tend to think that we need to keep going and yet the answer to easing our suffering and anxiousness is to slow down. Karen will explain why slowing down is so powerful.

THURSDAY [September 19th, 2019]

How Internal Happiness Is Your Secret Weapon to Overcoming Your Anxiety Do you notice that with your anxiety and overwhelm a lot of your thinking is negative? Olivia will explore with you why this doesn’t help our anxiety and only creates more of it.

Visualisation, Tapping & Breathing Exercises to Support You Moira will provide you with a number of visualisation, tapping and breathing exercises you can use for five minutes a day. Each one supports you in a different way.

The Power of the Breath Elizabeth provides you with hands-on examples of different types of breathing that will alter your anxiety levels. Starting simple with just one exercise could make a difference.

Writing Strategies for Writing Your Emotional Calm We often don’t think of writing as a way to calm ourselves and shift the levels of our anxiety and overwhelm and yet Coralee is going to provide you with simple exercises that do just that.

FRIDAY [September 20th, 2019]

Session 1 – Speaker Session TBC

The Link Between Anxiety and Chronic Pain As a chronic pain sufferer you may think that you can’t change life and yet Jennifer will explain what is happening and why you are suffering anxiety.

The Mind and Gut Connection and Its Impact on Anxiety This whole idea that our gut is our second brain and that there is a strong connection between the health of our gut and the healthiness of our mind is something Casie will share with you.

Summit Closing Session


What’s Different About this Summit?

On this summit, we take you on a journey of learning about anxiety and overwhelm.  Each of the summit presentations links into or builds on one of the other sessions. We have limited the number of sessions per day, so you don’t become more overwhelmed.

The summit material will also be available for anyone to access after September.  That means that if you gain value from watching it, you can pass on the information to friends and family and they can have access to it too.  It will available all the time post our September dates.

** NOTE:  This is a truly ‘virtual’ summit.  All sessions are pre-recorded and will be released to you on the day listed. You can then watch them as and when you please. No time constraints, no need to be somewhere online at a specific time.  You have all the freedom to take in the information when and for as long as you want.


Meet Your Presenters

Your presenters, they don’t like to be called ‘experts’, are your peers.  They have each had their own journey with anxiety and overwhelm, and share their stories during their sessions.

You can meet all of your presenters by reading their Bio’s and once you register for the Summit, you gain access to the site where we are hosting the summit and will be able to see the presenters introductory videos where they share with you what they are talking about during the summit.

I look forward to having you join us for the Summit. Remember that the price to pre-register for the summit is $97.  That price increases to $147 on the first day of the summit.  So sign up early to take advantage of this discounted price.